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August 21 2017

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January 07 2014

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Giant Rubber Duck at Nakanoshima Gate, Osaka.

January 28 2013

chibi me.
chibi me.

December 12 2012

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May 27 2012

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To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee a new 10 cm high LEGO® model of Her Majesty The Queen today took up residence in the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s famous Miniland, complete with a real diamond encrusted crown.

2011 Resolution reviewed & mid 2012 goals

So I just found my 2011 resolution and just remembered that I have yet to go over it & write new one for 2012. So let see what I had for last year.

Get accepted into some HCI related program (first I’d have to get off my ass an finish up my SOP :( )

Did not even applied … but since I got a job offer instead… might as well count that as achieving something?

Graduated with at least 3.5 GPA … hmmm



Beautifully done! Pitts - DC - Boston - NYC - Niagara Falls

Expect less from people

Wonder why I had this in the goal …

Maintain the current weight.

Somewhat…. but barely

Still be interested in HCI and Social computing by the end of the year ( should be sure enough to be able to make the decision if I want to go on for a PHD)

Well still want to but… will i be able to?

Work harder, less procrastination 

Hmmm this one is … still an on going goal.

Get a new Tattoo in the state

And yes I did!

keep on tumbling and finish mod my own theme

Can fail any harder?

less emotional craps, don’t get hope up high (esp. relationship wise)

Duhhhh… this is also a fail!

lol… have a feeling that this year goin’ to be my ‘single’ year.

and yes I was right!

Now… come my belated 2012 goals.

  1. Keep my room clean for the rest of the year
  2. Update my own website
  3. Get out some Arduino project
  4. Learn some Maths for GRE
  5. Get mom a Mac
  6. Go to Orlando 
  7. Buy a new SLR camera! please!
  8. get a dribbble account
  9. No fight with housemates
  10. Have a new interesting indy hobby 

Shit… it is a lot harder to come up with this year goals… boy am I getting old or what?

May 26 2012

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Lighting design company, Estiluz, have crafted this wonderful balloon shaped lighting fixture. Fanciful, these fixtures appear so “light” they just might float out of the room. (Just kidding, they’re a bunch of spherical glass lamps; you’ve got nothing to fear.)

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Typographic Jokes by Gary Nicholson.


To design a series of posters with typographically focused puns to lift the spirits of fellow designers.

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Found on - LINK

February 15 2012

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Check out this stunning EL paper installation by Paul Cocksedge in Lyon for the Fête des Lumières.

December 13 2011

July 21 2011

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Taken with instagram

June 28 2011

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May 05 2011

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